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Earn $15-30/hour +tips & bonus.
Deliver these on-demand buttons for your friends & neighbors.
You say the word and we remember your instructions, purchase & deliver your order.
How Zipible works:
A customer living or working in your primary zip code can set up their favorite orders(easy buttons) using our [email protected] ordering language. They can push these buttons online, via text message or by tweeting their keyword to @zipible on Twitter. We're also adding new ways for them to order via Facebook Messenger, Amazon Echo, Siri and others.

A button is essentially a keyword that has a set of instructions associated with it. So when you say "Starbucks", we remember you want a "Venti Carmel Machiatto with no whip cream". Instructions can be as long or short as you want and you can edit them at the time you confirm each order. You'll also be able to put these buttons on automatic, so every weekday at 9am your "[email protected]" order is delivered automatically.

Button Examples:
pizza = sends your favorite pizza order to your home address.
[email protected] = sends your favorite coffee order to your work address.
[email protected] = sends your favorite chipotle order to your work address.
groceries = purchase & deliver your grocery list to your home address.
target = go to Target and pick up your list of items and deliver to your home address.
homedepot = go to Home Depot and pick up your list of items and deliver to your home address.
[email protected] = sends flowers to your Mom's address on file.

Team members pick up the order and process it as fast as possible.
Some orders may not require delivery...online orders, partner orders, pickup orders, etc...
Team members are paid by the minute for completing each order.
The faster a team member completes an order, the more they get paid per minute if a customer chooses to pay via the "Zip Minute".
Orders are not auto-assigned to team members. They are free to choose orders as they become available in their zip code.

Team members are entrepreneurs not employees. They're an entreprenuer responsible for their own business. Customers in your zip code can favorite their account or can block them from handling orders. That also means team members are responsible for generating business in their zip code by introducing the concept to customers living & working in their primary zip code.

Zip Code Focused!
Our teams are focused on building, managing and delivering orders in their primary zip codes. There are several benefits to focusing on a Zip Code...
1. Team members get to know the local clients better and vice versa.
2. Team members are vested in the success of each order as the overall success of the zip code today allows them to make more money tomorrow.
3. Team members are vested in growing & marketing their services to local residents & businesses.
4. Team members get to know other team members in their zip code.
Being a part of a focused team will help you build a consistent business and satisfy the clients in your zip code at the same time. Ensuring everyone's satisfaction.

How does Zipible make money?
Zipible charges team members a flat $25/month software fee for their primary zip code and an extra $10/month for each additional zip code if they choose to focus on other zip codes.

What is a Zip Minute?
A Zip Minute essentially means the faster you deliver, the more you make. Customers can choose to pay you a flat $.25/minute or choose to pay with the Zip Minute to encourage speed.
· Orders completed within 15 minutes = $30/hour($.50/minute).
· Orders completed within 30 minutes = $25/hour($.42/minute).
· Orders completed within 45 minutes = $20/hour($.33/minute).
· Orders completed within 45 minutes or more = $15/hour($.25/minute).
The faster you complete deliveries using the Zip Minute, the more money you'll make per hour.

Build your own On-Demand Business:
Ever thought about building a local on-demand business? Does Uber for X sound familiar? Well now you can without needing to build any apps. We take care of everything for you. All you need to do is create an on-demand button with your business name and get customers to order using our platform.
A Few Examples:
· Delivery only restaurant.
· Furniture Moving.
· Trash Removal.
· Laundry/Dry Cleaning services.
· Cigarettes/Booze Delivery.
· Home Cleaning.
· Dog Walking.
· Landscaping.

There are thousands of new businesses that can be created using our platform. We encourage you to get creative and build something unique. It doesn't have to be the only thing you do and it only costs the $25 for your first zip code. If your business takes off, you can set up a business account and get premium features & tools to help you run your business.

Own your Zip Code:
If you'd like to own the franchise rights to your local zip code, please contact us. We're looking for great franchisees in every zip code in the USA & Canada to create a highly successful business in their area.