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Build your on-demand business!
Zipible is "Uber for Everything Else"
Launch your local startup today!
Launch your local
startup today!
You'll be running your business virtually with no need for expensive rent.
No physical space means no need to pay for utitlies.
Team members are independent contractors earning their own way and paid through Zipible.
Team members use their own phones, so there's no equipment to purchase.
No equipment & no physical location means no need to take on unnecessary debt.
On-Demand Easy Buttons for Everything
You say the word and we remember your instructions, purchase & deliver your order.
Simply text "starbucks" to 415-969-2025 and we'll pick up your coffee order and have it delivered to your chosen address.
Simply Tweet "@zipible burrito" and we'll pick up your burrito order and have it delivered to your chosen address.
Coming Soon!!! You'll be able to order on Facebook Messenger using your same structure as Twitter.
Add our slash command to your Slack channel and type "/zipible pizza". We'll get your request instantly and have it delivered.
Login above and order directly from your profile page using your pre-created easy buttons.
» Turn-Key Internet business ready to get started.
» Exclusive ownership of your Zip Code.
» Great technical product & support.
» Minimal startup costs.
» No long term contracts.
» No expensive lease/rental agreements.
» No utilities to pay.
» No payroll to worry about.
» No equipment to purchase.
» No products to purchase.
» No need for risky debt.
» Unique product offering.
» Diversify by supporting multiple businesses in your community.
» Ability to quickly build a recurring revenue business.
» Recruiting tools ready to start building your local team.
» Marketing materials ready to be printed and distributed.
» Proven marketing plan to help you promote Zipible in your zip code immediately.
» True win-win partnership with a great team.
» Ability to quickly build a revenue producing asset.

» Recruit team members for local deliveries in your zip code.
» Build your client base in your zip code.
» Manage all transactions & team members.
» Manage all customer support issues.
» Create local buttons for your zip code.
» Build great relationships with retailers & business owners in your zip code.
» Discover great ways to introduce Zipible to your local clients.

Be the first company to offer unique on-demand services & delivery in your zip codes. Coffee delivery, Grocery delivery, Liquor Delivery, Flowers, Dog Walking and anything else you & your local team can think of.

Earn 80% of all profits in your zip code.
   · From 15% of all delivery earnings in your zip code.
   · From partnerships with local restaurants & stores in your zip code.
   · From VIP Accounts in your zip code.
   · From corporate accounts in your zip code.
   · From non-delivery orders(web orders, partnerships, etc.) in your zip code.
   · From creative new ways to make money with the Zipible platform.

Franchise Fees:
Startup Fee: $25,000
Financing Available: $10,000 to start & $1,250/month for 12 months.